Figura Obscura figures from Four Horsemen Studios

Introducing: Figura Obscura

There are stories that stretch beyond the borders of the Realms and Universes that we know. Legends, myths, and tales spun across various worlds, these characters are beginning to emerge from the shadows. Called forth by Four Horsemen Studios, they are known as “Figura Obscura”.

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Headless Horseman

There are places where the walls between this world and the next grow thin, allowing spirts from beyond to roam unbidden between the two worlds. One such place is a small village on the East bank of the Hudson River in New York. Originally named North Tarrytown, this haunted glen is more commonly known as Sleepy Hollow.

Rumored to have been bewitched long ago, stories of strange happenings and distant voices on the air have long been told in Sleepy Hollow. The most dominant spirt that haunts this enchanted region is that of a headless, cloaked rider atop a great black steed – the Headless Horseman.

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Krampus is told of in hushed whispers, for to say his name aloud invites his attention. The people of the frozen mountains know that this devil haunts them during the winter festival, while the good folk celebrate to drive away the chill and darkness of the season.

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