Kurnn Ray - Cosmic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Kurnn Ray

Subject Information

  • Name - Common Use: Kurnn
  • Name - Full: Kurnn Ray
  • Race: Athocrian
  • Affiliation: Data is incomplete at this time
  • Planet of Origin: Jeeyor

Toy Details

  • Released In: OxKrewe - Book One, Thraxxon
  • Accessories: Staff
  • Additional Heads: Yes - full helmet plus unhelmeted head

Gathered Intelligence on this Subject:

Relieved at having survived multiple threats to their camp, the OxKrewe take a few moments to celebrate and recognize that, despite all the hardships they have faced since their crash, they are lucky to still be together. As the celebration winds down, the crew spot a stranger on the horizon. Heavily armed and well equipped, this mysterious character seems to be watching the camp, but before the OxKrewe can investigate, the stranger disappears.

Kurnn Ray knows she was spotted, something she had hoped to avoid as she tried to investigate what was clearly a ship’s crash site. Seeing the crash’s survivors and their camp, she knows she must report back immediately. Finding a hiding spot in the base of the Thraxxface, she removes her helmet and heavy coat as she fires up her communications gear. That gear is archaic, but it works as she taps a message to her people. “Intruders here. Come get.”, she writes. A light blinks, confirming that the message has been received, and that her people are on their way.

All photos by Trevor Williams