Bolthor the Tower - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Bolthor the Tower

Character Details

  • Faction: House of the Noble Bear
  • Race: Half-Giant
  • Role: Hero

Toy Details

  • Released In: Siege at Bjorngar
  • Accessories: Axe attachment with handles able to create different length weapons
  • Additional Heads: No


Giants and their offspring are a maligned and misunderstood people, especially those that hail from the harsh and unforgiving wastelands of Bjorngar. While many mistakenly think of them as indistinguishable from the unseemly creatures that make up the ilk of the dark armies, in truth, these imposing folk are quite similar to their smaller human cousins. A Half-Giant, Bolthor the Tower was the first of his kind to align with Attlus the Conqueror and his House of the Noble Bear. Unexpectedly, Bolthor is as warm and jovial as he is devastating with his axe. After proving himself at the Siege at Bjorngard, Bolthor is both a core member of Attlus’ inner circle and a legendary hero.

Photos 1-6 - Trevor Williams