Fury Clan Orc - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Fury Clan Orc

Character Details

  • Faction: Legion of Arethyr
  • Race: Orc
  • Role: Assassin

Toy Details

  • Released In: Soul Spiller. The Fury Clan Orc was also available as an early release at ToyConNJ in November 2018.
  • Accessories: Dark forces spear, bone handle orc sword, "buster" sword
  • Additional Heads: Yes - helmeted and unhelmeted orc heads


Despite their harsh name, the Fury Clan Orcs are known as much for their intellect as they are for their savagery. These fiery red beasts are often recruited as assassins among the ranks of Arethyr’s armies. Unsettlingly precise in their methods, the ways of the Fury Clan’s warriors stand out in stark contrast to those of their green-skinned cousins. These discrepancies in style and method are so pronounced that they often lead to unwelcome infighting whenever the varied clans are stationed together.

Photos by Trevor Williams