Iosef of the Golden Spear - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Iosef of the Golden Spear

Character Details

  • Faction: Order of Eathyron
  • Race: Angel
  • Role: Commander

Toy Details

  • Released In: Ashes of Agendor
  • Accessories: Zweihänder sword, round shield, spear, magic effec
  • Additional Heads: Yes - helmeted head with flip-up visor and Mercurian helmet


A hero from the First Age of Mythoss, Iosef of the Golden Spear led a battalion of angelic warriors from the celestial city of Cirrus to fight in the First Great War. Tragically, their mission was a doomed one, and only Iosef survived an encounter with Maxillius the Harvester. The angels fought valiantly, but they were each cut down by the Harvester and raised from death by the unholy magic of Necronominus. Still, Iosef did not surrender, and he proved instrumental to the victory of the First Great War. Returning to Cirrus alone, it would be ages before another of his kind would leave the angelic city to fight in the battles of Mythoss.

All photos by Trevor Williams