Ogre-Scale Accessory Pack - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Ogre-Scale Accessory Pack

Character Details

  • Faction: N/A
  • Race: N/A
  • Role: Accessories

Toy Details

  • Released In: Deluxe Legion Builders 1
  • Accessories: N/A
  • Additional Heads: N/A


This was an accessory pack, meant to work with ogre-scale figures, ibncluding the "Deluxe Half-Giant Legion Builder" from the Deluxe Legion Builders 1 wave. As such, it did not include a specific character bio. The photos included here show this set being used with that base figure.

This set came with a new head, 2 sets of helmet attachments (horns and moose antlers), shoulder armor, chest belt, shield, and hammer. 

Photos by Trevor Williams