Malleus - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios


Character Details

  • Faction: Congregation of Neconominus
  • Race: Skeleton
  • Role: Emissary of Necronominus

Toy Details

  • Released In: Mythic Legions 1.0, All Stars 3
  • Accessories: 2 battle axes, sword
  • Additional Heads: No


As one of the three remaining children of Necronominus himself, Malleus is true underworld royalty. Serving as the ear of Necronominus until his master’s return, he serves as judge, jury, and executioner to any who pose a threat to his father’s teachings. A deeply devout follower of his father’s word and scripture, Malleus quickly dispatches those who diverge from the path that has been chosen for his congregation.

Main image credit Nat Wora