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Blast from the Past: Exploring The Seventh Kingdom

If you’ve been checking out our “Blast From the Past” articles, you have likely seen our features on Xextheus, Rammathor, and Queen Alluxandra, all of whom are characters from our Seventh Kingdom property (and all of whom are shown below with their concept art). What we have yet to do, however, is take a step back to explore the storyline and idea behind our studio’s first original property.

  • Seventh Kingdom figure designs
  • Seventh Kingdom figure designs
  • Seventh Kingdom figure designs

Enter the Seventh Kingdom

Here is the storyline we created for the Seventh Kingdom property:

In the infancy of time, the world was made of one great continent. As civilizations prospered and grew, the world's people separated into six enormous kingdoms. As some kingdoms expanded, so did their hunger for power.

Bloody battles raged for centuries, resulting in nothing but death and frustration. When the devastating effects of these wars finally became too unbearable, a plan was devised to end the bloodshed once and for all. The kingdoms would combine their power to shatter the very land they fought for into six equal parts. However, when plan was indeed realized, a grave miscalculation was made.

Six equal continents were created, but central to all of them was a seventh continent, bigger than the rest. It was a land that breathed an incomprehensible new power. Because of the new unpredictability of this power, the kingdoms vowed this terrain was never to be stepped foot upon. Until now...

Growing doubts about the creation and evolution of the seven separate realms have infected some with a renewed thirst for power. Quests for power have turned once again into battles, and those battles have transformed into wars. In these troubled times one thing is for certain - the wars will not end until a legendary power is unleashed.

The power of the Seventh Kingdom!

Mapping the Seven Kingdoms

Below you will see a map that we created for the Seventh Kingdom. The design in the center of the map shows the face of Xemnoss, the Sun God. That is also where the “seventh kingdom” mentioned in the storyline above would fall.

Four Horsemen Seventh Kingdom map

The other six kingdoms, represented on this map in a clockwise fashion, are:

  • Mutant Kingdom
  • Elemental Kingdom
  • Human Kingdom
  • Alien Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Machine Kingdom

If you notice the symbol on the Animal Kingdom, it is the same one found on the banners that came with the Mynothecean Six Minotaur figures and which was also pictured on the front of the packages (shown below).

Kingdoms and Factions

The idea of the characters in Seventh Kingdom being broken down into various kingdoms is actually somewhat similar to what we would do many years later by breaking down our Mythic Legions characters into different factions. It was a fun way that we could create groupings of characters to allow fans to vote on in our FANtastic voting process so they could help us determine the kind of toy they wanted to see!

Before moving on from the Seventh Kingdom, we did manage to release at least one character for almost every one of the kingdoms we created, and many of them had multiple characters represented in figure form.

The Animal Kingdom was obviously the most heavily represented in the line, simply because our first two FANtastic vote winners came from this kingdom. Xetheus and the other minotaurs in the Mynothecean Six all came from this kingdom.

Mynothecean Six

Rammathor and his fellow pachyderm warriors in the Anitherian Nine also hailed from the Animal Kingdom. This included Rammathor and his three fellow elephant warriors, as well as the hippo, rhino, and boar figures that were part of this wave.

Seventh Kingdom Anitherian Nine figures from Four Horsemen Studios

The other two figures in the Anitherian Nine set actually hailed from a new kingdom – the Mutant Kingdom. The evil Ggruxx and Ssejjhorr were a pair of evil mutant warriors who began our expansion into other aspects of the Seventh Kingdom.

Our third and final wave of Seventh Kingdom figures would also be our most diverse from a "Kingdom" standpoint. The Queen’s Council wave was headlined by two members of the human kingdom, Queen Alluxandra and Issadora Ironsypne, but this wave would also include members of 3 other kingdoms! The 6 female feline warriors were all members of the Animal Kingdom, while the StoreHorsemen exclusive Siliskk was another entry into the Mutant Kingdom.  The Machine Kingdom would get a character in this series in the figure of Ccora and the Elemental Kingdom would get Kromius.  Look for articles covering all these characters in the future!

Seventh Kingdom Queen Alluxandra from Four Horsemen Studios

With the release of the Queen’s Council series, that left only the Alien Kingdom that we did not explore, or at least not in the form of actual released figures.

Unreleased Character Designs

While we were actually able to release an impressive number of characters under the Seventh Kingdom banner, there were still many designs that we were never able to make into toy form, including some that would’ve been in the Alien Kingdoms. Read our follow-up article to this one that showcases some of those unused designs!

Published on 06.30.20

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