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Customizing Corner: Planning for Cosmic Customs

It is an understatement to say that customizing has become an important part of Mythic Legions action figures! Whether you are simply popping-and-swapping parts for some simple bashes or going for broke and fully painting and customizing every inch of a figure, Mythic Legions toys are a wonderful canvas for all kinds of customizing projects.

It is no surprise that when Four Horsemen Studios was planning Cosmic Legions, the ability to customize those figures was an important consideration. We have started to see fans' questions about exactly which parts of these new Cosmic Legions are compatible with each other as they plan out which figures to get extras of to fuel their custom ideas. In this article, we will break down these new figures and their compatibility with both Cosmic and Mythic Legions!

Notes on Legions Parts and Terminology

If you are new to Legions figures, it will be helpful to first understand how these figures break apart and some of the terminology used.

First off, Legions figures are absolutely modular and meant to be pulled apart. They break down into various component pieces. Some of these pieces come off very easily so you can quickly adjust a figure’s look. For example, heads and hands are easily removable so you can change between various heads that the figure may come with or use some of their extra hands. Other parts require a little more effort to “pop apart”, but with a little heat, you can break the figures down to an incredible number of pieces! Check out this article on “popping apart” Legions to learn more. While that article is actually about Mythic Legions, Cosmic figures will be very similar in principal and component parts.

As far as terminology, you will often hear Legions figures referred to as having either “1.0” or “2.0” parts. These terms refer to the two main style figures we’ve released for Mythic Legions. The first style of parts we released are called “1.0”. These are the knights, dwarves, demons, barbarians, etc. They all use a similar parts system that is compatible across all these figures. Later, we released a new slimmer body style for more slender characters like elves, goblins, and females. These are what are referred to as “2.0” figures. All 1.0 parts work with other 1.0 parts and all 2.0 pieces work with other 2.0 parts, but for the most part they are not cross compatible. This article will explain these differences in more detail.  For the purposes of this article and planning out Cosmic Customs, you simply need to understand that these two style parts are slightly different, as you will see below. We continue to produce figures for both Mythic and Cosmic Legions that use 1.0 and 2.0 pieces, so both styles are still in production across new figures.

Cosmic Legions Parts - 1.0

Many of the parts that will be available in the Cosmic Legions – Hvalkatar: Book One wave fall under the category of 1.0 parts. These include the following – both versions of Thygar, both of the Sphexxians, the T.U.5.C.C. Sentry and the Science Officer, and also Vorgga.

Cosmic Legions

All of these figures can be broken apart and various pieces can be swapped. You could change out torsos, arms, legs, heads and waist pieces across all these figures.  You can add a Sphexxian head onto Thygar’s body, for example. Additionally, you could do the same with any 1.0 Mythic Legions parts!  This means that you could easily pop a Mythic skeleton or human head onto a T.U.5.C.C. Sentry and you would have the start of a cool Space Marine - alive or dead!

Of course, you can add Mythic parts onto Cosmic figures, but you can also add Cosmic parts to Mythics! For example - the torso, arms, hands, feet, and head from Thygar Hvalkatar (that is the one with the bare chest) would all work wonderfully well with Mythic Legions to make a reptilian knight or warrior of some kind.

One interesting thing to note here is that Vorgga is a female character, yet she falls under the 1.0 umbrella of parts. Vorgga is our first female character on a larger frame. These parts are very exciting for us since they open the door to new ideas we can explore using the larger female torsos and parts (female dwarves anyone?).

A final note – sharp-eyed fans may notice that there already are some Mythic parts in the Cosmic line! The upper legs used on both of the Thygar figures are the same “pants” seen on the Vallak and Lord Bardric figures from the Illythia wave. So as you can see, these parts really do work well together!

Cosmic Legions Parts - 2.0

It took years for us to get 2.0 style parts into Mythic Legions, but for Cosmic Legions we are seeing a few figures right away who use these smaller parts. These are the T.U.5.C.C. Engineer and Zeerian Spyre. These figures also use existing Mythic parts, as their upper arms and upper legs are the ones that have been used on figures like Jjuno the Crusher and Queen Urkza.

Parts on these two figures would be interchangeable with each other, and you could use them on any of the 2.0 Mythic parts. Zeeri’s leather-like lower arms and hands and her head would look very cool on Mythic Legions bodies, and we can already see many people swapping out some Mythic heads on these two figures. How cool would a Delphina of Eathyross head look on the T.U.5.C.C. Engineer!

Cosmic Legions

Cosmic Legions Parts - Ogre-Scale

Besides 1.0 and 2.0 parts, Mythic Legions does include some additional figure sizes, including Ogres! Kraggnar is the lone “ogre-scale” figure in the Cosmic line so far. While the design of his torso and neck make him stand a bit taller than previous ogre figures, most of his parts are all compatible with those Mythic ogres. According to Eric Treadaway, "on Kraggnar all parts are compatible except for the head. His design required a new style of neck joint."

So other than the head, Kraggnar will certainly allow for some customs with Mythic ogres, including the original ones released with the Siege at Bjorngar wave, Argemedes, the pair of Equaddron figures, and the upcoming Decebalus and Half-Giant figures. Parts from all of these are compatible with each other – but not with any other sizes in the Legions lines.

Cosmic Legions

...And Then We Have Slogg

The one figure from Hvalkatar: Book One that is not compatible with any other figures is the meatball known as Highwarden Slogg. This figure features a brand new size category, and as such he is (currently) not compatible with any other figure parts.

Further Information on Cosmic Customs

We are already seeing some awesome “digi-bash” ideas as fans Photoshop their favorite Mythic heads onto Cosmic figures, and we know that once these toys arrive in fans’ hands, the real creativity will begin! To give you some early ideas and inspiration, you may want to check out Episode 61 of “Mythic Conversations”, where some well known Mythic Legions customizers got a chance to work with prototype Cosmic parts to see what they could come up with by combining them with Mythic figures. The results blew us away and definitely have us excited to see what these artists and others will put together in the future!

(Custom figure credits, left to right: Joe Vasapollo, Dennis Derby, Jeremy Girard, Nikki Nikole Chaney, Nikki Nikole Chaney, Jeremy Girard, Jeremy Girard)

Cosmic Legions

Published on 09.28.21

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