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Featured Fan: Alberto Arribas

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If you have been around the Mythic Legions community for a little while, you have undoubtedly stumbled upon the POWERFUL reviews being done by Triple A Toys. This "Featured Fan" interview is with the main behind these amazing videos!

To get started, please introduce yourself!

Hello! I’m Alberto Arribas from Triple A Toys and this is getting... POWERFUL!!!

Well, I’m a graphic artist who has made alot of different things during the years: magazines, comic strips, illustrated book covers, storyboards, robots... yeah, robots. Now I have a YouTube channel to talk about the things I love most: TOYS!!!

How did you get introduced to Mythic Legions?

Because I’m always been a big fan of Masters of the Universe and that lead me to the work of Four Hosemen Studios. That’s when I knew about Mythic Legions and I loved it instantly. Now I can say it’s my favorite toyline, because of all the love that has being putted on the design of each figure. They are magical, inspiring, and breathtaking. Each time I see one, ideas and stories begin to flow in my mind... and most important... they are AWESOME!!!

What made you want to begin doing your Powerful Reviews?

In the US you have a lot of good toy reviewers, with great quality of image and sound, but in Spanish the story changes (and it’s a language that a huge amount of people speak). I wanted to do quality reviews for all the toy fans that only speak Spanish. But I’ve always wanted to reach as much people as possible and that’s why I began my path in YouTube adding English captions to my videos. Then I realized that I can do it directly with my voice, and now I make all my videos in English and then translate them to Spanish... It’s weird, I know, but that’s the way I feel I have to do it. When the Powerful Reviews started, I wanted to deliver some unique stuff, creative, full of humor and information about the product... with a lot of Rock N’ Roll and POWER!!!

Talk to us about your process for creating one of your video reviews. How does it all come together?

I have to get inspired by the figure itself and think in two separate ways: first I think in all the awesome features of the figure to point them out. Then I think a little in a parody of that figure, maybe inspired by the design or the backstory of the character. After all the ideas are clear, I begin to write the script down, trying to do it as informative and funny as I can, always giving it a second or third look. I tell the jokes to my producer and a couple of friends to see if they understand the joke as I do. Sometimes I have to redo the recording to change something that is not as good as I thought it was the first time. When the script is finished, it’s time to record the voice. Recording my voice in English is always a challenge because I can mispronounce some words and that’s the struggle. I always try to be clear for all the audiences. Then I set the lights and the camera and film the figure as good as possible, paying attention to details (if the creator of the figure put attention to that, so should I).  And finally the montage and edition of the video is a very important part of the process because that is where everything comes together and where it has to work. In every video, I do my best to be up for the challenge. My good friend, partner and producer Jose Orive Drake contributes in the process to make all the videos of our channel. He gave me the equipment necessary to make them, and contributes giving me another point of view and ideas to create content. Also I’ve the luck to collaborate with talented photographers to illustrate the stories of the characters. A lot of them came from Mythic Legions Cabal group, others from Instagram.

Are you planning on doing more Mythic Legions reviews? If so, any inside information on what you may be working on next?

Of course! Four Horsemen helped me a lot, believing in my work with the reviews and that makes it possible to continue my journey though Mythoss. Right now Dorina’s video is in production and it will be released soon, but afterwards... afterwards the whole Wasteland and Siege at Bjorngar waves will follow! I have a lot of awesome stuff to review! I hope then more will come, I wish this adventure never ends.

Besides Mythic Legions and Four Horsemen Studios, what other kinds of projects have you worked on?

Well, I’ve reviewed products of Masters of the Universe from Megaconstrux and the new G.I. Joe Classified line. Also I did a review of the William Stout He-Man by Super 7. Four Horsemen did an outstanding job sculpting the characters of that line.

Also, alongside my partner Jose, we love to speak about toys, imagination, inspiration and all the important things that belongs to the world of toys. I’ve even made an interview with Salva Espín, the awesome illustrator of Deadpool in Marvel Comics. He is such an amazing guy!

What would fans of your work be surprised to learn?

I’m a toy designer actually! I make buildable toys similar to brands like Lego or Megaconstrux. I’ve worked making products to top licenses of entertainment, TV Shows, Movies, Music Bands and Sport Clubs. Some of them never saw the light unfortunately, but I’m proud of all that work. I love so much the toys that I had to turn it into my job and our channel Triple A Toys.

As for the toys themselves, what are you favorite Mythic Legions figures so far?

That’s probably the hardest question of this interview... I LOVE THEM ALL. It’s like choosing your favorite star from the sky. Every single figure makes me feel different, inspires in a unique way. I just can’t pick one... but If I have to do it for this interview I probably go with Snagg. That guy has all the magic of the old books of sword and sorcery... with that blue hat. Or maybe Arethyr with the flaming horse... Or Brother Mandibulus... I LOVE that figure! See? I can’t pick just one!

In closing, where can fans follow you and see more of your work?

I’ll be glad to be followed in Instagram (@alberto_arribas_art), Twitter (@TripleAToys) or searching my Facebook page Triple A Toys - Powerful Reviews. People can see there further information about me, what I do and what I love.

See you later, imaginators!

EDITOR'S NOTE - you can also see all of Alberto's wonderful Mythic Legions videos right here on from our "Video Center" page.

Published on 10.13.20

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