Interview with Walter Hagen, creator of the Mythic Legions Cabal Facebook Group

Featured Fan: Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen of the Mythic Legions Cabal

Few fans have made as much of an impact on the world of Mythic Legions fandom as Walter Hagen. As the creator of the official fan community of Mythic Legions, the Mythic Legions Cabal Facebook Group, "Waltor the Mad" has assembled the warmest and most welcoming group of fans anywhere!

By sharing photos from other fans, running giveaways and contests, hosting regular live video chats, and attending various cons to hang out with the Horsemen and fellow fans, Walter has truly become a fixture in the Mythic Legions community, and the perfect person to interview for this "Featured Fan" article.

First things first -- please introduce yourself!

My name is Walter Hagen aka: Waltor the Mad

How did you discover Mythic Legions?

I first found out about ML through Instagram. I had seen several toy photographers use using the the figures with MOTU and other formats.

Walter Hagen and the Four Horsemen

What kinds of Mythic Legions figures are your favorites?

All of them! I am mostly known for my skeleton army of Malleus.

Why did you start the Mythic Legions Cabal?

I started the Cabal for several reasons. The most important and overall goal was to create a place unlike anything else. I wanted a place the fans could have fun, feel good and visit often. I wanted a Facebook group unlike anything else online.

  • Walter Hagen and friends at LegionsCon 2019
  • Walter Hagen and friends at LegionsCon 2019
  • Walter Hagen and friends at LegionsCon 2019

I don’t think many people fully realize what goes into managing a group like the Cabal. What does it take to run a great group like this?

Oh wow... honestly I don’t know? I ask people to just have fun and be kind to each other. I have fun with the everyone online also. To see and watch people be creative with their collections, stories, photos, and interaction is what makes me so excited. I really enjoy talking to everyone and all the posts.

Can you share any cool stories of interactions you have had or connections you’ve made because of the Cabal and Mythic Legions?

Ha!! I have more stories then I can even begin to share. I think the one that comes to mind at the moment is the first time meeting the Four Horsemen at Power-con in Anaheim, CA this past year... waiting in line.. walking up to buy the latest Power-con exclusive figures...saying hello and handing money to CB. He then stops and looks at me with a shocked smile and says to me, ‘You’re Walter!!!’... I stop kinda stunned and smile , “Yeah, I am?”... CB then stops everything he was doing and tells me to come into the booth and not to go anywhere. He says he wants to talk to me and introduce me to everyone. He goes to get Jim and Eric and announces to them, ‘Hey this Walter! The guy I was telling you about with the great Facebook group, the Mythic Legions Cabal!" I then spent the rest of the day hanging out and talking with the guys, meeting more people, taking photos, signing autographs even to people that also recognize me from Instagram and Facebook. It was one of the best times ever!

  • Walter Hagen and the Four Horsemen
  • Walter Hagen and the Four Horsemen
  • Walter Hagen and the Four Horsemen

You have some a pretty cool way to name your Troll figures. Tell us about that.

Ha! Yeah I name my trolls after real things... Forest troll- Quercus, Latin for oak tree. Stone troll- Jasper, type of stone... Ice tToll - Olof , cause who doesn’t like Frozen!!!

OK, imagine the Horsemen are going to make a “Walter” tribute figure, what would that thing look like, what weapons would he wield, and what faction would he be a part of?

Oh wow... if I were to get a figure made as a tribute to me??? I wouldn’t even know what to think or do really? Maybe Magnus head on a barbarian builder  style body. Armor color being a brushed gray. Give me a bearded ax and dwarf short sword.. and as for a faction to align with?... I follow no one! The Cabal are the people I would side along with!

  • Walter Hagen and friends at Designer Con 2019
  • Walter Hagen and friends at Designer Con 2019
  • Walter Hagen and friends at Designer Con 2019

Anything else you’d like to share or leave us with?

For the Legions!!! Cabal Above ALL!

Walter Hagen and family

Published on 04.17.20

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