A look at the Cosmic Legions figure of Slogg

Figure in Focus: Highwarden Slogg

Of all the teasers we released during the buildup to the Cosmic Legions launch, few had the impact or generated the amount of speculative chatter than the one we did for Highwarden Slogg. Once the full reveal happened and the clearer image of Slogg was uncovered (shown below), fans got a clear look at the “boss” of the Hvalkatar Prison. In this “Figure in Focus” article, we will look at this character and the important role he plays in the unfolding story of Cosmic Legions.

Highwarden Slogg - Cosmic Legions

A Whole New Size Category

When the teaser of Slogg was first shown, his exact size was a mystery. Many fans speculated that he was “dwarf sized”, while some suggested he was much, much larger – perhaps as big as a troll! Of course, the truth of Slogg’s size was somewhere between these two guesses, and he actually introduced a whole new size category into the world of Legions. At the studio, we actually refer to him as “meatball sized” since he is so squat and round.

While Highwarden Slogg represents the first example of this scale, if you know anything about Four Horsemen Studios, you know he will likely not be the last!

  • Slogg - Cosmic Legions
  • Slogg - Cosmic Legions
  • Slogg - Cosmic Legions

Designing Slogg

One of the things we love to share in these "Figure in Focus" articles is some of the early design work that was done for these characters. To that end, below we see an early sketch that Eric Treadaway did for the character years ago. According to Eric, "I’ve known that he would be an important character for a long time and that his look would closely resemble the drawing. There wasn’t a lot of need to further his design in 2D, so he went straight to figure form once the line was moving forward."

Also presented below is a close-up look at a tampo print that will appear on the Slogg figure's shoulder. This design is hard to see in the figure photos due to its size, so a better look at this T.U.5.C.C. badge can be seen here.

  • Slogg - Cosmic Legions
  • Slogg - Cosmic Legions
  • Slogg - Cosmic Legions

The Highwarden of Hvalkatar

The initial intelligence released on Highwarden Slogg was intentionally very scarce. All we knew about this Slogg was that he was “the hulking commander of the prison Hvalkatar” and “a brutal tyrant not to be defied.”

Reading other character’s bios, we learned a bit more about the Hvalkatar prison, the experiments that are conducted within that complex, and the production of the regenerative serum known as Thryxium. In the expanded intelligence on the T.U.5.C.C. Engineers that was presented in another “Figure in Focus” article, we presented this information:

“Slogg’s complex system of life-supporting equipment and strict regimen of Thryxium serum require constant observation and maintenance. In addition to caring for and managing Slogg’s equipment, these highly trained specialists are also proficient in close combat, so they can step in as personal guards whenever needed.”

This information provided a deeper look at Slogg than we had gotten previously, detailing that his suit was actually a “complex system of life-supporting equipment” and outlining his need for a “strict regimen of Thryxium serum.” Why exactly does Slogg need this equipment and serum? This expanded biography on Slogg answers these questions.

“After exposure to a foreign atmosphere at a young age caused a catastrophic injury, the Squillek born on the moisture rich planet Ax-Ol 39, was fitted with a custom suit which provided vital moisture to his burnt and damaged skin via canisters of Thryxium. Although the serum provided a reprieve from certain death, Slogg’s every movement is bristling with agony. 

Like so many of the prisoners that he so cruelly oversees, it seems that the Highwarden’s fate is chained to Hvalkatar. Not only is his life-giving equipment directly tied to the prison’s structure, but Hvalkatar’s secondary function of manufacturing Thryxium allows Slogg a never-ending supply of the essential serum.”

So here we finally learn of the accident that left Slogg scarred and which ties his existence to Hvalkatar prison. It also sheds a light on another bit of information that was revealed in the “Figure in Focus” article on Zeerian Spyre. She is actually the one who discovered Thryxium and had its secrets stolen from her. Now she finds herself locked in the same prison where this serum is being manufactured – a facility run by an individual whose life is tied to the serum itself. The circumstances leading to how a famous bioengineer would find herself in the most vicious cell block of the dreaded Hvalkatar prison starts to make much more sense as we learn more about Highwarden Slogg.

Two Heads are Better Than One

When the “Cosmic Legions – Hvalkatar: Book One” wave was first revealed, a few surprises were left unshown. These surprises became the “unlocks” that were tied into the success of this line. The fourth unlock that was part of this campaign turned out to be an extra head for Highwarden Slogg. This extra head is presented below.

Highwarden Slogg - Cosmic Legions

A Portrait of T.U.5.C.C.

While the full breadth of the T.U.5.C.C. organization has barely been hinted at in what we have seen in Cosmic Legions so far, we have been shown how this powerful group controls Hvalkatar, and the image below by Trevor Williams gives us a look at Highwarden Slogg and some of the Sphexxians he employs for prisoner management. As you can see, this image shows Slogg with his alternate head, giving you a sense of how this character will look with that piece added for display. It also gives a look at how cool these figures will look when grouped together on a shelf for display!

Highwarden Slogg - Cosmic Legions

Just the Beginning

It has been stated a number of times, but it bears repeating that what we have seen of Cosmic Legions so far is just the beginning of this exciting story. We now know much more about Highwarden Slogg’s role at Hvalkatar, and some of his motivations for keeping the complex running and keeping its secret production of Thryxium flowing uninhibited. With the group of inmates in Hvalkatar’s lowest block forming bonds of friendship and alliance, what threat do they pose to Slogg and his rule of Hvalkatar? That is a story for another day and another wave of Cosmic Legions.

Published on 10.12.21

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