A detailed look at the Mythic Legions Skapular the Cryptbreaker figure

Figure in Focus: Skapular the Cryptbreaker

The skeletons of Mythoss are an interesting race. While most of those undead warriors belong to the Congregation of Necronominus, there are a handful of skeletons who have broken away from this faction and who now find themselves aligned with the collection of assassins in the Sons of the Red Star. In fact, the leader of that band of cut-throats is the depraved skeleton mercenary known as Skapular the Cryptbreaker.

Skapular the Cryptbreaker

Skapular at Toypocalypse

Like many of the characters featured in the first wave of Mythic Legions, Skapular made his debut at our Toypocalypse event in 2014. This was where we presented Mythic Legions for the first time with some sample designs of the toys. As we’ve covered in previous articles, those “sample designs” proved to be very popular and they became the first named characters in the Realm of Mythoss. You can see this early Skapular in the diorama of Mythic Legions that was on display at this event.

Four Horsemen Toypocalypse event

Skapular Comes to Kickstarter

When the Mythic Legions Kickstarter launched in February 2015, Skapular the Cryptbreaker was one of the initial figures available for backers to add to their pledges. Interestingly, he was also the lone representative from the Sons of the Red Star that was available in that wave. According to his biography:

“Born into the Congregation of Necronominus, Skapular the Cryptbreaker is anything but loyal to his Order. Living an opulent life of greed and depravity has driven Skapular to sell his deadly services to the highest bidder. As an assassin with a mastery of every weapon imaginable, Skapular is a powerful warrior, but his wealth and influence prove even more formidable. Together with group of killers he has assembled known as the Sons of the Red Star, Skapular's dangerous methods possess the capability to change the outcome of many a battle.”

Skapular in the Comics

The “Mythic Legions Art Book” that was offered as part of our Kickstarter included a short comic story – and the main antagonist of that story was none other than Skapular!

In the story, Skapular and other members of the Red Stars infiltrate Castle Silverhorn and interrupt a meeting between Artymss Silverchord and Otho. A furious battle ensues, with both Asterionn the Minotaur and Orn Steelhide taking up arms, but Skapular ends the fight by capturing Artymss and placing a blade to her throat. The exchange that takes place next includes Skapular agreeing to leave with his “sons”, as long as he can get a kiss from the fairy elf queen. This bargain is agreed upon, and the ensuing panel became the highlight of the comic!

Skapular the Cryptbreaker

Skapular Gets Some Friends

While Skapular was alone in the Sons of the Red Star early on, it didn’t take long for some of his friends to start appearing. In wave 1.5, Pixxus joined the line and Skapular’s faction. These two undead mercenaries would later be joined by another skeleton in Keltuss, as well as a few non-skeleton Sons in Gryshaa the Slytherer and Lord Veteris - the later of which may actually pose a threat to Skapular and his leadership in the Sons (more on that shortly).

While Skapular may no longer be alone in his faction, the Sons of the Red Star remains the group in Mythoss will the fewest characters released for it to date.

Skapular the All Star

From the very beginning, Skapular was a popular figure. Fans were clearly attracted to the cool color combination and the red tunic and head wrapping look of this character’s design.  He proved so popular that once wave 1.0 shipped, we heard the calls for him to be reissued because so many people wanted to add him to their collection. To meet this demand, Skapular the Cryptbreaker became one of the members of the very first Mythic Legions All Stars.

Even though Skapular has now been released in two separate waves, he still remains popular and fairly hard to come by on the secondary market. Will we see another release or a new version of Skapular in the future?  All we can say is that he does lead a faction in our storyline, and that faction certainly will have a role to play as the drama of Mythoss unfolds!

Drama in the Red Stars

Speaking of drama, if you read the biography for Lord Veteris, you will discover some very interesting information about the Sons of the Red Star and Skapular’s seemingly tenuous command of that group. That bio states that Lord Veteris is “a loose affiliate of The Sons of the Red Star.” It also goes onto add that “Lord Veteris’ ambition is to one day overthrow Skapular and take The Sons under his own deadly wing.

Is there a coup brewing in this group of assassins and cut-throats?  Who else is aligned with Lord Veteris in this potential takeover of the faction, or does Skapular already know of Veteris’ disloyalty and is using it for his own gains?  With a mercenary mastermind like Skapular, who knows what is truly happening.

Published on 07.07.20

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