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From the Horsemen’s Mouth - December 2019

Cornboy has mentioned numerous times in interviews that Brontus the Arena Troll is his favorite Mythic Legions figure. What about Eric and Jim? Which are their favorites to date?

CB: Well, I should probably note that Argemedes is a very close second for me.

ERIC: My favorites in Mythic Legions is always changing, and it’s hard for me to choose a favorite, but as far as the characters we’re currently at liberty to discuss, Kkurzog would have to be the one for me.

JIM: This is an easy one for me…Ragna Stormforger. Hands down.

Which figure’s popularity were you most surprised by?

Actually, as much as we liked Thistlethorn when he was designed and painted, we weren’t certain that he was going to be the type of figure that Mythic Legions fans would latch onto. Although he definitely wasn’t the highest selling character we’ve ever done, the response to him and eventually his sales FAR exceeded our initial expectations.

I know you all enjoy seeing the custom Mythic Legions figures that the community creates. Can you think of any customs you’ve seen in the past that made you say, “Dang! We should’ve done that one!”

We’ve seen a LOT of great ideas, and even though we already have a general direction for the waves and characters we currently have planned, every once in a while there are customs that make us say “Wow!”.

Although we’d never do them ourselves, someone once made a set of the Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtles inspired customs out of four Orcs. We’ve also seen some great ideas for various MotU inspired customs that have been done. Two of the notable ones that come to mind are a Trapjaw inspired custom and an Orko inspired custom.

Power-Con 2020 has officially been announced for August 8-9. Can you give us a hint as to what kind of Mythic tributes we may get as part of this year’s event?

We absolutely could, but we won’t just yet. But we will be revealing what we have in store for Power-Con 2020 VERY soon.

Most fans know your work from Mythic Legions or perhaps the extensive runs of MOTU and DC figures you did with Mattel. What is one line that you worked on that people likely do NOT know about and would be very surprised to learn was a product of Four Horsemen Toy Design?

Hmmm… That could be any number of things. We did the Nightmare Before Christmas figures for NECA. We did the Thundercats statues that were released by Icon Heroes. We did some of the villain characters for the Maxx Steele line by Mattel early on. We did Hagrid, the Troll and Fluffy for Mattel’s Harry Potter line way back when. We did a bunch of GI Joe and Transformers heads for some fan convention exclusives. We also did a few figures for one of our friends over at Toy Biz - Apocalypse Collect & Connect, a Thor, A Green Goblin, and a few others. There were LOTS more, and hopefully one day we’ll get the chance to put together a complete list of everything we’ve done for them.

Speaking of toy lines you’ve worked on in the past - it has been mentioned that you guys may have snuck your likeness onto a figure or two over the years. Can you give us the complete list of the figures that bare the visages of the Horsemen?

Hahaha. Well most of those were when we were working for McFarlane Toys. As many of the readers out there might already know, there’s a Cornboy figure that was done for McFarlane Toys’ Total Chaos line of action figures. Eric Treadaway was featured as Dr. Frankenstien in the monster playset by McFarlane Toys of the same name. Best of all, Jim Preziosi was not only depicted as a head inside the torso of the variant No-Body figure, but he was also featured in only 100 pieces of the Hunchback of Notre Dame playset as the hunchback himself. There are a couple other notable Four Horsemen Toy Design personalities that should be mentioned as well… Bill Mancuso sculpted the Dragon Blade figure for McFarlane Toys, and sculpted himself as the character. Sherri Lynn Cook was depicted in all of her warrior glory as Shieldmaiden Sherilyn in Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line.

Published on 12.23.19

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