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Editor's Note: "From the Horsemen's Mouth" is a regular feature I intend to have here on the site. As fans of these toys, we all have similar questions, and I will get the answers to these questions, directly from the studio! To start with, here are 5 questions I regularly hear people ask about.

I know you don’t release actual production numbers, but off the top of your head, which handful of Mythic Legions figures have been your most popular to date?

The three most popular Mythic Legions figures so far, by far, have been the Deluxe Barbarian Builder Set, the Goblin Legion Builder, and the Ogre Legion Builder. The Argemedes figure runs a very close 4th place to those three.

In the “Covenant of Shadows” wave, Torrion the Shadow Minotaur was a nod back to an older 4H release from the first Seventh Kingdom wave. Are there any future plans to “update” some of those older characters with new Mythic Legions versions?

Torrionn wasn’t actually a conscious nod to the character from Seventh Kingdom. Yes, he’s also a black Minotaur (based on the original Asterionn figure), but the similar color scheme just seemed to work well within the “Covenant of Shadow” storyline, so we went with it. We don’t currently have any plans to “update” any of the characters from our previously released properties, but we used some popular themes with those other lines that have been utilized in various ways throughout history, and there’s a good chance that you may see similar representations of those themes pop up again from time to time.

So far we’ve gotten a few different “size” figures for Mythic Legions, from goblins to humans to ogres and even trolls. Can you share any plans for any additional sizes that may be coming down the road - either bigger or smaller than we have now?

We’ve hinted many times at our desire to do a large Dragon figure and a large Giant figure, both of which would be larger than our trolls, but we haven’t taken that leap yet. With the popularity of our Ogres, Trolls, and horses though, we’re very encouraged that we could make something like a huge Dragon or giant happen. We also like the idea of smaller scale figures like Gnome or Fairy types. All we can say currently is yes, we have plans…

Since nearly the first wave of Mythic Legions, fans have been asking about a large-scale dragon figure, and it’s been mentioned a number of times in interviews. Can you share any updates on how close we are to having a mighty wyrm to terrorize our Legions?

We kind of answered this question in the previous answer (sorry), but as to “when”? We don’t really like answering those questions until we have something set in stone. We’ve learned too many times along the way that no matter how planned out things might be, things can always go awry. We’d rather not get Mythic Legions fans’ hopes up just to have to let them down by announcing any sorts of unexpected delays if we can avoid it.

Can you share any news on future “Legions” lines outside of the Mythic brand? I know the idea of a space-themed line was discussed a number of times. Any updates on when fans may be able to expect to see something on that front?

Mythic Legions has kind of been taking off like a bullet lately, so we haven’t been able to devote the necessary time for what we’re currently referring to as “Galactic Legions” as we would’ve liked to. We’re hoping to have a more solid announcement and some cool reveals in spring 2020. Fingers crossed…

Published on 11.19.19

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