Cosmic Legions: OxKrewe Qorgonox Log Entry 2

Qorgonox Log Entry : 812.23

//begin signal//

Qorgonox Log Entry – 812.23

We were able to get part of the navigation rig working today. It only lasted a short time, but it was long enough for Uularia to get a sense of where we may be – a remote planet deep in the Fourth called Thraxxon.

None of us can recall ever hearing about a planet named “Thraxxon”, and of course none of us have ever been here. The area we are in is pretty barren, but we have taken some samples of the terrain back to the lab we have set up in our camp. Our lab resources are limited, but we are cataloging what we can per AEXOR3 standard protocols. Please see the included sample labeled “PC-23” for more details. The collection date on this particular sample was Ring Cycle 0811, Turn 23.

We tried to access the infotel systems to see if we could find out more about this planet, including what kinds of native lifeforms we may encounter and whether or not there are any transit stations or settlements on this planet. Unfortunately the files will not load and Kogg is doubtful that he can fix whatever is wrong with that system. So we don’t know much, but at least having a name for this planet is reassuring somehow.

We are on Thraxxon.

::/DISTRESS SIGNAL – AEXOR3 VESSEL DESIGNATION:QORGONOX REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Current location = Thraxxon. Current status = 6 surviving crew members. Currently safe. No native contact made. COMM BAND REPLY REQUESTED. IMMEDIATE EVACUATION REQUESTED./::

//end signal - include attached//

Thraxxon planetary surface

Published on 08.01.23

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