Uularia Speer log entry - Cosmic Legions OxKrewe

Qorgonox Log Entry : 822.23

//begin signal//

Qorgonox Log Entry - 822.23

I will follow up my log entry on Vellok with one on his wife, Uularia. That seems appropriate since the two of them are pretty much inseparable, and I can’t imagine OxKrewe without both of their guiding hands at the helm.

Uularia was the navigator aboard the Ox. Uularia set the course and Vellok flew it without question.

Uularia is the one who figured out where we are. Unfortunately, the info she got from the nav systems didn’t explain what happened to the Ox and why we crashed in the first place, so the cause of our current situation remains a mystery.

I love Uularia. We all do. While Vellok is clearly our leader, Uularia is the one we all went to when we needed help. She always had time for any of us in OxKrewe, and she never judged us. That’s why it is so hard to see her now, clearly judging and doubting herself.

It is obvious that Uularia thinks she is the reason we crashed, or at the very least that she believes that she didn’t prevent the accident and is therefore as good as guilty. I asked Vellok about this and he said it was definitely not a navigation error, but with no clear evidence as to what the cause of our crash was, Uularia is still shouldering that guilt.

This is not to say that Uularia is not working and contributing to our camp (see attached image of her at work). She is right beside her husband as usual and working just as hard as he is. She is maintaining a strong face for all of us, but I’ve observed her in her private moments and I can tell she is in pain.

My hope is that if we are rescued – when we are rescued – that AEXOR3 will be able to shed some light on the cause of the crash. The transit records should hopefully reveal what happened while the 6 of us were in the stasis pods, and I hope that those records absolve our navigator of any blame for this incident.

::/DISTRESS SIGNAL – AEXOR3 VESSEL DESIGNATION:QORGONOX REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Current location = Thraxxon. Current status = 6 surviving crew members. Currently in danger | threat from native species ongoing. Native contact made. COMM BAND REPLY REQUESTED. IMMEDIATE EVACUATION REQUESTED./::

//end signal - include attached//

Uularia Speer Cosmic Legions action figure

Published on 08.22.23

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