A look at some unique races created specifically for Mythic Legions

The Races of Mythoss: Exotic and Original

Since the beginning of the line, Mythic Legions has drawn from all sorts of common fantasy races to populate the Realm of Mythoss. While we always put our own spin on whatever we do, you can certainly find orcs, elves, goblins, and dwarves in fantasy settings outside of Mythic Legions! There are, however, some characters we have introduced whose races are unique to the Realm of Mythoss. These are original and exotic races, sub-races, and half-breeds which make the Realm of Mythoss the rich and diverse world that it is. In this “Races of Mythoss” article, we will explore a few of these unique races.


We covered the green-skinned Whisperlings in our previous “Races of Mythoss” article on the elves, but it is also worth mentioning them here in this article. As we have stated previously:

The Elves of Whispervale, or “Whisperlings” as they are known, are one of the most elusive of all of the Elven sub-races. In addition to their common Elvish abilities such as agelessness and heightened dexterity and speed, the Whisperlings are remarkably proficient in the use of an arcane magic that harnesses the power of the trees around them.

While many of the races that we will focus on in this article will have only a single representative in the line so far, the Whisperlings are actually fairly well represented in Mythic Legions. The first Whisperling we saw, which is where the above content was taken from, was Myria Goldenbranch. This noble defender’s bio goes on to that that she “has been sent with an army of Whisperling soldiers to aid Queen Artemyss with a mission to surprise the dark forces that threaten all of Elven-kind.”

So as we read here, while the Whisperlings may be a unique race to the Realm of Mythoss, they are not necessarily rare as they do, indeed, have their own army. We have seen some of these other Whisperlings in the variant heads that came with the Elf Legion Builder as well as the forthcoming Deluxe Male Elf set that was part of the Mythic Legions Tactics campaigns.

Mythic Legions elven race



The sole Umangeist we have seen in the line thus far was introduced quite recently as part of the Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave. Thraice Wraithhailer’s bio details a bit about this unique race:

Illusive and dangerous, the pale skinned Umangeist are thought by many to be apocryphal. A corrupt supernatural mingling of flesh and phantasm, the ashen skinned Umangeist are all too real to those unfortunate enough to cross their path.

So unlike the Whisperlings, which are a seemingly more common race, the Umangeist are thought by many to not even be real,  pointing to the truth that they are a rare race indeed. This bio is also interesting in the fact that it details these “pale skinned” characters to be a mixture of “flesh and phantasm." and that the Umangeist have an "inherent connection to the spirit world”, further painting the grim picture that this race is one that lives on the border between life and death. While the “undead” are present in many fantasy settings, including other races in Mythoss like the skeletons and vampires, the exact presentation found in the Umangeist is new, and it makes one wonder if we will see other examples of this phantasmic race in the future.

Mythic Legions Thraice



One thing we have certainly seen across the Races of Mythoss is the idea of “cross-breeds” - one notable example of this being the Uubyr.

An ancient mixture of orc and vampire bloodlines, the Uubyr have been shunned and despised despite their immense inherent magical potential.

This information comes from the bio for Malynna the Malevolent, who is listed as “one of the last remaining Uubyr in existence.” It is worth noting that the Uubyr are an individual race unto themselves, as opposed to another race that has simply been transformed into a vampire through the transfusion of blood. Instead, the Uubyr are an “ancient mixture” of the bloodlines, hinting at something else at play here in the creation of this race.

This idea of “mixing bloodlines” when it comes to the vampires is a theme we would see revisited later during the “Illythia” wave, specifically in the Vogyrr and Vargg races, which we will explore next.

Mythic Legions Malynna


Vogyrr and Vargg

The bio for the Decebalus figure begins with:

The cunning and strategic nature of Illythia’s vampiric brood is well exemplified in their experimentation with the breeding and manipulating of bloodlines. The results of such experiments bring to Mythoss such abominations as the winged Varggs and the massive Vampire brutes called the Vogyrr.

So building on the ideas hinted at in the bio for the Uubyr Malynna, we get confirmation here that the vampires of Illythia’s Brood do indeed experiment with bloodlines, focusing more on a scientific application of skills to bolster their ranks rather than the magical disciplines so many of the other factions in Mythoss seem to prefer. The bio for the Vogyrr known as Decebalus goes on to further detail this creation:

A foul combination of Ogre and Vampire blood, The Vogyrr are bred for blunt force, and help guard the Vampire leadership.

So while the Uubyr are a mixture of vampiric and orc bloodlines, the Vogyrr are a combination of the vampires and ogres. This information specifically states that they are “bred”, which again paints the picture of a subrace that is created by the vampires as part of their devious plans.

The Vargg are the other race mentioned in the details of the vampire’s experimentation, and the bio for these winged horrors reads:

Wildly ferocious and implicitly deadly, the Vargg are bred by the Vampires of Illythia’s Brood to serve as their personal bloodhounds. Bound by chains to their controllers, they are often brought on expeditions to sniff out and hunt prey for their masters. Massive wings and razor sharp claws equip the Vargg with an arsenal of weapons so deadly that they are some of the most feared creatures in the Vampire realm.

Again, these creatures are detailed as being “bred” for a specific purpose, and along with their ogre-sized cousins are two unique races set to terrorize the Realm of the Mythoss.

Mythic Legions Decebalus and Vargg


Mysterious Races

While the races detailed in this article already certainly provide examples of ideas unique to Mythic Legions, there are actually other characters in the line that have been presented with their exact race remaining a mystery. Are these characters representative of races we have seen in other fantasy worlds, or are they more exotic and unique creations? Judging by the looks of them, they do certainly seem to be the later!

The first character we will look at whose race is "unknown" is the assassin known as Gryshaa the Slytherer. This assassin's bio acknowledges the mysterious nature of this member of the Sons of the Red Star:

Seldom seen, rarely heard and never touched, some question the very existence of Gryshaa the Slytherer. If they could still say anything at all, the victims that have met Gryshaa in their last moments would confirm that Gryshaa is more than a tall tale. A high-ranking member of Skapular the Cryptbreaker’s Sons of the Red Star, this stealthy and deadly assassin has the uncanny ability to seemingly appear out of thin air and a penchant for razor sharp blades of all shapes and sizes. With so little known about this dangerous enigma, one can only be sure that if Gryshaa the Slytherer is hunting you, your days will be short. 

This bio provides no information on the race that Gryshaa belongs to, but it does detail the ability to "seemingly appear out of thin air." Is this is a product of the deadly skills this kliller has honed over the years, or is this a trait found in whatever species Gryshaa belongs to? Steath as a learned skill or as a natural birthright - it makes one wonder what hides underneath that distinctive helmet that Gryshaa wears.

Mythic Legions Gryshaa the Slytherer

The necromancer named Azza Spiritbender is another character whose race is listed as "unknown", and her bio further builds on this fact:

Like most members of The Convocation of Bassylia, Azza Spiritbender is shrouded in mystery. Her power to control and harness the spirits of the dead not only makes her a dangerous asset, but also an anomaly in The Convocation where all forms of necromancy are generally frowned upon. Even her closest allies are at a loss as to her origins, as to where she learned her magic, or the meanings behind the cryptic markings that cover her skin. One thing that Convocation members are most certain of is that they are better off with Azza as an ally rather than an enemy.

While many fans have assumed that Azza is a Shadow Elf because of her blue skin, her bio clearly points elsewhere. Are those markings on her skin part of her magic, are they tattoos, or are they inherent to her race? Regardless, the fact that the other learned members of the Convocation of Bassylia do not know her race or origins points to that race being very, very rare indeed.

Then we have the mysterious race is seen in the pair of Equaddron figures. The bios for these two characters actually offer no details of their race, only referring to them as a “towering bipedal war-horse.” Whatever race these two powerful warriors are, we certainly have never seen their like in other fantasy worlds!

Mythic Legions Azza and Equaddron

If we dig deeper into the darker corners of Mythic Legions, we will further discover that there is also no race listed for Arethyr or his dark general, Gorgo Aetherblade. While many have assumed that Arethyr is a demon, and he certainly seems to possess some demonic qualities, the fact that his exact race is not detailed adds a new layer intrigue to the character. As for Gorgo, many assumed he was an evil human knight when they first saw him, but upon further inspection one would discover a skeletal neck hidden beneath that war helmet. Does this make Gorgo a skeleton or some other kind of undead, or is something else at play here when it  comes to this black-armored warmonger? That is clearly more to be revealed in the story of Gorgo Aetherblade.

Other Races of Mythoss

The races presented here are the most obviously unique and truly original from this toy line. We could certainly have presented other subraces here as well, like the red-skinned Fury Clan or the mossy Lichen Orcs. The forest dwelling “Fuzzmunk” Thistlethorn or the numerous Jaguallians we have released are other examples that could easily have made it into this article. Together, all of these races exist alongside those aforementioned elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and more, making the Realm of the Mythoss an incredibly diverse fantasy setting – and we are just getting started. Know that there are many more races, recognizable and exotic, which exist across the Realm. From the heights of the mountains to the depths of the seas, hidden in the darkness of the caverns below to the vast forests and frigid tundras that make up the map of Mythoss, more races and characters are yet to be discovered as the story of Mythic Legions continues to be told.

Published on 01.18.22

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