A look at the Minotaurs released for Mythic Legions

The Races of Mythoss: Minotaurs

There have only been three characters released to the Mythic Legions line from the race of bovine warriors so far, but they have become fan favorites with two of them being named to All Star waves. In this “Races of Mythoss” feature, we look at the Minotaurs of Mythoss.

The First Minotaur

Released during our initial Kickstarter-backed 1.0 series, the Minotaur named Asterionn was presented as a stretch goal figure during that campaign. Unlocked once the appropriate funding total was reached, Asterionn was the only non-dwarven member of the Xylona’s Flock faction that was released in that wave. According to his bio:

Sworn to protect Castle Silverhorn, a fortress hidden deep in the Greentop forest, Asterionn the mighty Minotaur is the first line of defense for Xylona’s Flock. As captain of Xylona’s guard, he is the mastermind behind the impenetrable maze of trees, branches and thorns surrounding the castle. With strength and power matched only by his purity of mind and spirit, Asterionn serves as the heart of Castle Silverhorn.

Minotaurs from Four Horsemen Studios

Asterionn’s role as the captain of the guard was later expanded upon in the bio for the Silverhorn Sentries:

The guard of Castle Silverhorn is divided into three units; The Beast Guard of the outer perimeter, The Sentries of the outer wall and The Royal Guards who protect the castles’ interior. Asterionn is captain of the entire Silverhorn guard.

Asterionn would also make an appearance in the comic story from the “Mythic Legions Art Book” (a story which is no longer canon, but is still cool to look at here), showing this mighty warrior raise his axe to defend his queen, Artymss Silverchord, during an invasion from the Sons of the Red Star. Some panels from this comic can be seen below.

  • Mythic Legions artbook
  • Mythic Legions artbook

The Shadow Minotaur

The second Minotaur to stomp his cloven-hooves through the Realm of Mythoss was a very different character than the noble Asterionn. Initially dubbed the “Shadow Minotaur” when the Covenant of Shadow line was first teased, it was later revealed that this individual from that Shadow Minotaur race was actually a named character known as Torrion. This bio for this character sheds light on this Cloven sub-race, as well as this named character:

Powerful yet peaceful, the Cloven races are widely known for their heroic and noble nature. Unfortunately Shadow Minotaur are nothing of the sort. Their creation can be traced back to the first age when Poxxus’ agents stole away many woodland creatures and imbued them with dark magic. Mightily adept at magic, the Shadow Minotaur are a formidable element for the Circle of Poxxus. Torrion, a young Shadow Minotaur with an unusual proficiency for spellcasting has been given the great honor of representing Poxxus in the secret meeting of the dark factions known as The Covenant of Shadow.

The dark-skinned design of the Torrion figure provides a wonderful contrast to the brown, earthy tones of Asterionn. He also joins a faction that has so far not gotten a ton of attention – the Circle of Poxxus, where his “usual proficiency for spellcasting” is certainly right at home!

Minotaurs from Four Horsemen Studios

Fury Clan Minotaur

The release of the 2022 LegionsCon “Furious Four” set introduced a brand new minotaur into the line – the Fury Clan member known as Peteorionn!

Like the other members of the Fury Clan, this minotaur features the trademark red body and black armor that these savage warriors have become known for. Part of the Fury Clan sub-group known as “The Furious Four”, Peteorionn is the muscle of that gang, a fearless combatant who never backs down from a challenge. His bio reads as follows:

The enforcer of the group, Peteorionn is a force of nature. His presence is immediately felt as soon as he steps a hoof onto the battlefield. If you somehow do not notice him, he will make sure you do not make that mistake again with his booming and boisterous voice. Peteorionn’s one fear is fire, and he will do all he can to extinguish any flame he comes in contact with.

Peteorionn, and the rest of the Furious Four characters, were created as fun tributes to the gang from the “My Wife is Going to Kill Me Podcast”, with the minotaur being a tribute to Pete McCarthy. The reference to this character hating fire is a nod to his real-life profession as the Chief of his local fire department. You can read a full “Figure in Focus” article on that set and these characters right here.

Mythic Legions Furious Four

Minotaur All Stars

As mentioned earlier in this article, the popularity of these Minotaur figures has propelled two of them into the ranks of our “All Star” releases. Asterionn was selected for our very first All Stars wave based on the number of people who were looking for him once those Series 1.0 figures had shipped. Torrion was selected as an All Star in our fan-voted third series. In fact, the black-skinned Minotaur from the Covenant of Shadow wave was the top vote-getter for that wave!

The popularity of this Cloven race has not gone unnoticed at Four Horsemen Studios, and you can rest assured that we know that fans want more Minotaurs! In fact…

Is That an Ogre-Scaled Minotaur?

When Mythic fans finally got their hands on the first ogre-scaled figures in the line, one of the things many of them noticed was a seemingly new character on the box art from Nate Baertsch. While that box included images of the ogres from the Siege at Bjorngar wave, along with other Mythic characters like Attlus the Conqueror and Ragna Stormforger, there was another warrior shown on the side of the box that was not yet familiar to fans – a towering Minoatur-like warrior charging into battle alongside Attlus and the other members of the House of the Noble Bear.

Is this a preview of a character who we may see in the line in the future, or was this simply a cool piece of art that Nate cooked up to include on this package? Mythic fans will just have to wait and see what future waves may bring!

Minotaurs from Four Horsemen Studios

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