A look at the Troll figures released in the Mythic Legions line

The Races of Mythoss: Trolls

The various Trolls that have been released in the Mythic Legions are (so far at least) the largest and most imposing figures we have done. We love seeing fans post about getting their first Troll in hand and being blown away by the sheer size and presence of these beasts! In this “Races of Mythoss” article, we will look at these mighty monsters who dominate the battlefield and any toy display they make their way into!

The First Trolls

As surprising as it may seem, the massive Troll figures were first released in the second Mythic Legions wave, typically dubbed the “1.5” wave. Even though this was very early in the line, the addition of these figures showed our plans to diversify the sizes of the figures we would offer to reflect the range of races in the Realm of Mythoss.

Mythic Legions Trolls

The Forest Troll and the Stone Troll were the first two members of this race to terrorize the heroic forces of Mythoss. When these massive figures finally shipped to fans in 2016, more details on this race were revealed in the bio found on the package:

Trolls. A word that sends shivers down the spine of even the most hardened warrior. Strong enough to take down a giant and mean enough to stomp out anyone that stands in their way, Trolls are some of the most destructive creatures in Mythoss.

With origins tracing back to the First Age, Trolls are part of a family of creatures known as the Impure. Distantly related to Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres, they are some of the deadliest creatures that comprise this foul family of beasts.

As if one species of Troll wasn't bad enough, there are more than two dozen types, each littering the landscape of Mythoss with its unique brand of horror. While Ice Trolls can freeze a man with their icy breath, a single scorching blast from a Fire Troll can incinerate an entire village. Rock Trolls are born with an impenetrable flesh and their brutal savagery seems to be inversely proportional to the dullness of their intellect. Camouflage and stealthy cunning are the favorite tools of the wily Forest Troll.

On the battlefield, Trolls are often enslaved and utilized by the Legion of Arethyr. Although it is less common, other factions sometimes employ Trolls for more specific and less violent purposes. It is even rumored that Attlus and his House are allied with a large family of heroic Trolls who yearn for peace and properity.

Whatever the type and regardless of their allegiance–if a troll is coming your way, run!

One interesting note from this bio is the reveal of the “Impure” of Mythoss, and the Trolls relation to Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres. Another notable piece of information from this bio is the mention that there are “more than two dozen types” of these monsters, including the Ice Troll and Fire Trolls, along with the Rock (or Stone) and Forest Trolls. Obviously we saw the latter two of these Trolls in this first release, but the simple mention of these other species got fans got fans very excited for future Troll releases. Adding some fuel to this fire was Nate Baertsch’s artwork from the side of the Troll’s box, which showed the Forest and Stone Trolls, along with what was assumed (at the time) to be the Ice Troll, plus a “frog-like” Troll and a Troll-sized Cyclops!

  • Mythic Legions artwork from Nate Baertsch
  • Mythic Legions artwork from Nate Baertsch

A Coliseum Fighter

The next Troll released for Mythic Legions came during the popular Coliseum wave in the form of cyclopean Brontus. While this release was not wholly unexpected, after fans had seen the cyclops on the artwork of the Troll box, what was a surprise was this character’s storyline and faction allegiance - although it shouldn't have been a total surpruse since it was hinted at in the first Troll bios with the mention of Attlus working with heroic trolls.

Although Trolls are often enslaved and thrown into savage combat by dark forces such as The Legion of Arethyr, there have been exceptions. One such exception is the legendary heroic Troll named Brontus. A mainstay of the barbarous Mercurian Coliseum, Brontus proved a formidable ally in the revolt led by Attlus and Calavius. Although he was elevated to the rank of general by Attlus, Brontus still carries a war club adorned with the skull of an ally he was forced to kill in the coliseum to remind himself of what it takes to survive in the savagely cruel and exceedingly brutal world he lives in. Born with an intelligence and eloquence that are extremely rare among Trolls, Brontus has sworn himself to the House of the Noble Bear and has vowed to defend the weak and downtrodden people of Mythoss.

The idea that one of these creatures, which had previously been introduced as brutish terrors, could not only be heroic, but could actually be “intelligent and eloquent”, is one of the most wonderful aspects of Mythic Legions. Being able to take popular fantasy tropes and reimagine them or even flip them on their head keeps the line fresh and it keeps fans wondering what is next!

Mythic Legions Brontus

The Ice Troll Emerges

First shown on the Troll packaging, the mighty Ice Troll was finally unveiled at G-con 2018 as part of the Soul Spiller wave. Packed with a massive ice sword that that was even larger than the Troll itself, this figure immediately made his presence known in Mythoss. His bio provided some insight into this Troll sub-species, while also placing him in the same story as some of the key characters from that Soul Spiller wave.

One of the most elusive species of trolls in Mythoss, Ice Trolls are found in the remote corners of the Northland Territories. These creatures tend to travel in packs, which is unusual for a race known for its solitary behavior.

As with many of the larger-than-life elements of the Northlands, Ice Trolls were believed by most to be the stuff of legend. But new life was breathed into these "tall tales" when word of the Ice Troll menace was brought to the Southern Regions by Ragna Stormforger and Thalynn Frostbow.

Thalynn and Ragna were searching for shelter when they encountered an enormous scarred Ice Troll living deep within a frozen cavern. Separated from his pack and feeling threatened by the tiny duo, the Troll erupted into a violent rampage that led to a desperate battle for the heroes' lives. Equipped with a colossal ice blade powerful enough to crush a boulder and icy breath capable of instantaneously freezing the bravest of warriors solid, the Ice Troll nearly put an end to Ragna and Thalynn's tale.

Mythic Legions Ice Troll

The Trolls Return

The imposing stature of the Mythic Legions Trolls have made them a favorite of many collectors, and a center-piece of many Legions displays. Their popularity has also made them hard to find for newer collectors, especially the original duo of Trolls released in those early days of the line. To help feed our fans’ hunger for these monsters, we released a new version of the Stone Troll as part of the Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3 wave in 2020, and a second version of the Forest Troll in 2021’s Mythic Legions: All-Stars 4. Each of these Trolls not only came with the heads found on the original releases, but new heads were also included in these versions, allowing fans to add to their displays with alternate looks for their Trolls.

Mythic Legions Ice Troll

All Stars Trolls

While the All Stars 3 and 4 waves each included the addition of a reissued Troll, it was the 2022 release of the “Mythic Legions: All Stars Trolls” wave that really brought these monsters back to Mythoss in a BIG way. Unlike previously offered All Stars waves which including the Trolls rereleased alongside other Legions figures, “All Stars Trolls” was only a pair of Troll figures – including the mighty Brontus and the cold-hearted Ice Troll. As expected, each of these reissues included new heads alongside the original ones, allowing fans who missed out on the first releases to add them to their collection, while also giving fans who already had these pieces some new looks to get excited for.

Mythic Legions Brontus 2

Getting these figures in hand for a photo shoot, Trevor “One-Six Shooter” Willams saw a “fire and ice” theme in these two Trolls and their newly included heads. The result of this idea and can be seen on these shots above and below showing the pair of "All Stars Trolls".

With the release of these two figures, all four of the original Trolls have now been reissued, which makes one wonder what is next for these monstrous denizens of Mythoss. What other versions of these beasts are lumbering through the Realm waiting to make themselves known? Is that aforementioned Fire Troll burning to make an appearance, or is the Bog Troll lurking just beneath the surface of some swamp, bulbous eyes fixed on some plump, tasty dwarven treat lurking at the water’s edge. Or maybe there are sub-species of Trolls so strange and unique that we haven’t even begun to consider them. All we know is that we have not seen the last of the Troll race in Mythic Legions. There are more of these monsters to meet as we explore the further corners of this vast Realm.

Mythic Legions Ice Troll 2

The Size of a Troll

If you have never held a Mythic Legions Troll in hand, you cannot fully appreciate the size of these gigantic figures. The photos below show Brontus alongside a few other figures so you can see just how imposing he is when display next to the rest of your Legions!

Mythic Legions Trolls scale comparison

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