Hagnon Halfon factory production story

The Tale of Halfnon

Halfnon Mythic Legions figure

For those fans who were following Mythic Legions back during the Advent of Decay Kickstarter, you may remember our initial plans for the ghostly Hagnon figure.

From the get-go, we wanted Hagnon to be glow-in-the-dark, but we couldn’t decide if we wanted him to have a blue glow or a green one. At one point we tried creating a scenario where we would actually have half the run of the Hagnon figures blue and the other half green, sending these randomly to customers and allowing them to discover which version they had received! Unfortunately, we were unable to make this happen, and the final Hagnon figures all shipped with a green glow – but we did have a very amusing interaction with our Chinese factory during this experience!

While we have a very adept liaison between our studio and the factory, there are still time where the language barrier proves challenging – and sometimes, like in this case, it yields some awesome gems.

During this process, we tried asking the factory if they could produce 50% of the Hagnon figures to glow blue and 50% to glow green. The picture here shows how they misunderstood our question, instead creating a figure that was actually 50/50 blue and green!  He is split right down the middle with the two colors!  We call him Halfnon and he now sits in our studio as a funny reminder of this little interaction.

Published on 10.04.19

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