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TRANSMISSION RECEIVED: Genetic Manipulation Experiments - CC Batch

TRANSMISSION RECEIVED: Our agents in the field have once again intercepted a T.U.5.C.C. transmission, this one originating from an undisclosed location. The authenticity of this information has been confirmed, and it proves that our concerns about the T.U.5.C.C. science programs are true. Measures are being taken based on this information.


SUBJECT: Genetic Manipulation Experiments – CC Batch


I have been asked to report on the recent events I have witnessed during the CC batch of experiments at Facility D-8-G0:1. This communique shall be considered my official statement on this matter.

As I warned at the start of these experiments, the combination of so many gene sequences would most certainly produce dangerous results. The CC batch proved the truth of my warnings, which went unheeded by my fellow Science Officers and the lead Genetic Engineer assigned to Facility D-8-G0:1.

Earlier today, the CC batch of specimens were awakened from their generation tanks. Upon release, the specimens immediately attacked the Science Officers working in the lab. There were no survivors.

One of the scientists ignored containment protocols and opened the lab doors in an attempt to escape the violence. This allowed the experiments to enter the rest of the facility. We went on immediate lockdown, but it was too late to save most of the facility’s staff. Only a few of us were able to get to the security shelters before the CC specimens tore them apart. The lead Genetic Engineer was among those who were killed during the escape. I have therefore assumed this role as the most senior member still remaining inside the facility.

Regarding our current status - the CC batch have now escaped the facility. Thankfully they were each outfitted with biotrackers, and AA-20 has been called in to find and eliminate the escapees. As of this communique, there have been no public leaks of this information. Phaeroxx channels have included no mention of the breach, so this information is currently contained.

The labs are being cleaned and restored now. I have already been informed that a new team of Science Officers are on the way to the facility, and I expect that we can resume experiments within the cycle. I will ensure that genetic manipulation protocols are properly followed this time so we do not see a repeat of these events. Despite their violent escape, the CC batch showed some real progress and I believe that the results of our next round of experiments will be quite positive.

Expect further communique from AA-20 once he has confirmation of a successful mission.



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Published on 05.01.24

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