Extra head portrait to be included with all Mythic Legions Tharnog figures

Bonus Head Revealed for Tharnog

News Update

Today is the fifth and final door to open on the Mythic Legions: Poxxus Advent Calendar - and we are ending with a "big" reveal! Shown here is a second head that will come with our new brute-scale Tharnog figure!

This new head features face paint on the orc shaman, adding to the overall look of this mighty warrior who has left the Legion of Arethyr to join the Convocation of Bassylia, wielding his magic in the protection, rather than the destruction, of the Realm.

All Tharnog figures will now come with 2 heads - one with the face paint and one without. Tharnog and the rest of the Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave is available for preorder now from StoreHorsemen.com.

Mythic Legions Poxxus Advent Calendar

Published on 12.27.21

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