Outpost Zaxxius Preorder Opens Soon

Outpost Zaxxius Preorder Opens Soon

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Four Horsemen Studios have unveiled our latest Cosmic Legions wave – “Outpost Zaxxius”!

Created as a small wave being offered between major “Books” within the Cosmic Legions story, Outpost Zaxxius features 6 brand new figures being offered in the line for the first time. These figures include:

Rounding out this wave are the two latest figures in our “Power-Con Debut” series, including:

These last two figures will be part of the wave’s preorder, and we will also have a very limited amount of each for sale at this year’s Power-Con event in Columbus, OH (August 11-13).

The StoreHorsemen.com preorder for Cosmic Legions: Outpost Zaxxius begins on Friday, 3/31 at 12pm EST and runs until Sunday, 4/30 at 11pm EST. There will be no extensions on the StoreHorsemen.com preorder beyond this date. 

Each of the figures in the Cosmic Legions: Outpost Zaxxius wave are available individually, or fans can select the “All-In” which includes 1 of each figure in the wave for $235 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). This “All-In” price offers a bit of a discount from purchasing each of the figures individually. These figures are expected to ship in mid-2024.

You can see more of these figures by clicking the links on their names, or you can read the short stories from the “Stories of Outpost Zaxxius” to see these characters in action and learn more about the world of Cosmerrium!

Comic Legions debuted in mid-2021. The first wave of this line, “Hvalkatar: Book 1”, is wrapping production now and should begin shipping to preorder customers within the next few months.

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Published on 03.27.23

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