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Revealing the First Mythic Legions Heads Pack

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Fans have long requested a “heads pack” for Mythic Legions, and we are excited to be able to offer our first Legions head pack in the Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+ wave! A big “thank you” to Trevor, Nate, and Bill from Legions Lounge for revealing this new offering on their most recent episode.

The Mythic Legions Heads Pack was first teased last year, shortly after LegionsCon 2021. At the time, we had announced that the first head that would be included was the alternate Sir Girard head that was SUPPOSED to only be available in the show version of the figure. Since the factory made a mistake and packed that head with the standard edition of the figures, the need for that part to be included was no longer as important – which opened up a slot for a brand new, vicious vampire head to be the anchor in this new set!

To fill out the other heads in the set, we asked our fans to vote for their favorites, and they chose the “Female Warrior” head initially available with Gwedolyn Heavensbrand and the “Dwarf” head first available with Jorund Runeshaper. Both of these heads have been repainted to create brand new looks that can be used with your Legions figures!

So what else is included in this set beyond these first three?

  • A “black panther” styled version of the Jaguallian head, WITH the neck piece and tail included!
  • A red demon version of the demon head found on Azhar and Zazhar (with a color that is a pretty darn good match with the upcoming Red Krampus or the Furious Four figures)
  • The open-mouth Helphyre Goblin head repainted with the original Bog Goblin colors, complete with the removable helmet!

We are pretty excited for this first Mythic Legions Head Pack release, and to make it even cooler, we will be including 4 neck pieces as well (the Bog Goblin does not need one since his neck is integrated). These will include a 2.0 “flesh” neck piece painted to match the female head, a 1.0 dwarf neck piece, a 1.0 flesh neck piece painted red like the demon head, and a 1.0 armored neck piece in black which will work with a variety of heads. So all in all you get 6 heads, 4 neck parts, plus the cat neck and tail and the Bog Goblin helmet! We think that is a nice selection of parts for our first heads pack!

The Mythic Legions Head Pack joins the previously announced All Stars vote winners (Rahmulus, Ilgarr, Azhar), the two Power-con Debut figures (Zenithon and Okeatos), and the brand new figure reveals (Xylerian Guard) in the Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+ wave. That wave goes up for preorder on starting on Friday 7/29 at 12pm EST. Stay tuned for more details, and more reveals, from this upcoming wave of Mythic Legions!

Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+

Published on 07.19.22

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