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Even with all of the havoc that 2020 has brought with it, things are still chugging along here at Four Horsemen Studios as well as could be expected, and our fans and customers have EVERYTHING to do with that! We want to publicly thank all of you for the support and patience you've shown us, and we're pushing as hard as we can to catch up with the production delays that the issues with the Covid19 pandemic caused. THANKS!!!

Even with all of the chaos of 2020, we've recently been able to fully move into our new studio space - although we're still slowly getting that all set up - and we even have the opportunity to be able to expand enough so that we can now properly house and operate our own Store Horsemen shipping department right out of our Four Horsemen Studios warehouse again!

Our new shipping department will soon have it's own dedicated staff (instead of us dumping everything into our production manager Chris Gawrych's lap again - sorry, Chris), which will handle all shipping to and from Four Horsemen Studios, as well as all customer service issues, and we'll soon be announcing the contact email address for that. But for now - if you have a problem with one of your current Store Horsemen orders - please feel free to continue to email Chris at 4HMDshipping@gmail.com, and he'll dig into that for you ASAP (he's a BUSY fella).

Our Exodus shipment and our recent test shot sale items all shipped from our new Store Horsemen warehouse, and even with Chris Gawrych almost handling all of it by himself, we think it went pretty well. Moving forward, as we continue to grow and expand, we're going to continue strive to make the product shipping experience for Store Horsemen customers the best we can possibly make it and on par with the quality Four Horsemen collectors have come to expect from everything we do.

With the good, sometimes comes the bad, and this is something that's out of our control. We understand that shipping costs are already high when ordering from a small business like ours, and unfortunately, we're being told that shipping rates with all of the usual carriers are about to go up again. It sucks, and we're hoping they don't go up TOO much, but it's nothing we can really alter in a good way on our end.

BUT, we don't want to end this loooong post on a bad note. If you go to the bottom of the front page of Store Horsemen (https://store-horsemen.myshopify.com/) You'll notice that we're now including production and shipping updates there. There you'll notice that Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3 has FINALLY left the factory, and we're expecting to get it here and begin shipping from the Store Horsemen warehouse on January 2021! So even though we weren't able to get those out to all of you by Christmas as we'd hoped, the pandemic can't completely stop us and hopefully that'll be just one of the bright spots for all Legionnaires throughout 2021.

Thanks again.


Published on 12.08.20

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