Additional date on the Cosmic Legions break out

Transmission 03 - Remain Vigilant. Be Prepared.

News Update

Transmission Received: Data is now flowing more freely as our agents have begun to dig into “Cosmic Legions.” At the risk of adding our own opinions to this data, we must admit that the details we are discovering are fascinating. Never before have we seen a movement such as this, and our intelligence continues to point to a significant event to happen at 9/10/21 at the following coordinates –

Additional intelligence included with this transmission stated: “Recapture will begin on 9/10/21 at 11pm EST at”

Finally, at great risk to our operatives in the field, we have now received a third image of these “Cosmic Legions” entities. This image may be the most striking we have received thus far. We have instructed our agents to remain vigilant and aware, and we continue to caution the public to do the same. Stay tuned for additional briefings as more intelligence is gathered.

Cosmic Legions Breaks Free - 9/10/21

Published on 09.07.21

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