Cosmic Legions unlock 1 has been reached

UPDATE: Level 1 Has Been Breached

News Update

Transmission Received: Cosmic Legions Level 1 has been breached!  The first unlock as part of Cosmic Legions - Hvalkatar: Book One has been met thanks to the dedication of our agents in the field (that's you!).

OK, so in truth, the Level 1 unlock actually happened on Saturday, but the studio was so busy at Powercon this past weekend that we were not able to get this posted as quickly as we would have liked - side note: BIG thank you to everyone who came by and hung out with us and checked out the Cosmic Legions prototypes on display at the show.

We are gathering images for the first unlock now and hope to have a follow up transmission for you very soon.

In the meantime, we are already very close to breaking down the blast doors in Level 2, which means another awesome unlock!

Thank you to everyone who has not only jumped onboard and pre-ordered Cosmic Legions, but also to everyone who tuned into our reveal special Friday night, who has shared images of these new figures on Facebook and Instagram, and helped spread the word on this new line. You really are our agents in the field!

Stay tuned for unlock details...

Published on 09.13.21

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