A look at what you get when you back the game now versus after the Kickstarter

Why You Should Buy the Mythic Legions Tactics Game NOW Rather Than Later!

News Update

The Kickstarter campaign for the Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade game now has less than a week to go.  That campaign ends on 9/1 at 6pm EST. While we have more than doubled our initial funding goal, there are still some amazing stretch goals left to open - including Customizer Photo and Video Mode, a new race of Skeletons, and the platform addition of Xbox! These goals are all very much within striking distance as we look for one huge final push in these last few days of the campaign!

We have heard some fans suggest that they may wait to get the game after the fact, once it is actually fully developed and available for sale outside of the Kickstarter. We suggest you may want to resconsider that approach, and the infographic below that was provided by Great Hall Game Studios shows why!  You get a TON of additional stuff by backing the game now, including additional armor sets for all unlocked races, additional weapon sets and enchantments on weapons, plus some of the out-of-game goodies like the Map of Mythoss and the Sigil Coins. Check out the image below to see how much value you do indeed get if you make the pledge now!  You can back the campaign for the game right here.  Thank you for helping us make this game a reality. We can't wait for the Legionairres to be able to explore the Realm of Mythoss in this exciting new way!

Mythic Legions Tactics rewards

Published on 08.27.21

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