Mythic Legions Soul Spiller wave - Four Horsemen Studios

Soul Spiller

The Soul Spiller wave made its debut during the studio's first ever online convention. Held on July 27, 2018, G-con kicked off this wave which included 7 figures (two of which were Powercon 2018 debuts) and a new troll - the incredible Ice Troll. This wave also featured an incentive for fans who pre-ordered during the first hour of the sale, a surprise which turned out to be a shield and mace combination painted to match the Army of Leodysseus' colors.

In addition to the pre-order period and Poweron event, other figures in this wave also made their debut at various cons (Fury Orc and Lord Veteris at ToyConNJ in Nov. 2018 and Shadow Elf Ranger, Thallyn Frostbow, and Ragna Stormforger at Zolocon 2019).